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Empowering Leaders: Whether you’re an elected official concerned about community welfare, a town manager focused on operational excellence, or a development manager optimizing organizational resources, INNOVATE P3 understands the unique challenges you face. From universities engaging in public-private partnerships to public agencies seeking transparent and ethical delivery methods, we empower your leadership to avoid cost overruns, delays, and reputational harm.

Our Commitment: We provide the support and capabilities to help you confidently deliver mission-enhancing programs and projects. We offer holistic and action-oriented program and project support grounded in client-centered partnering and procurement processes that are cost-effective, transparent, and ethical. With our extensive experience across industry sectors, we proactively address issues and mitigate risks through engagement and technology-based solutions to enhance collaboration management and resource allocation. We are committed to helping you create better partnerships and make better decisions.

Program and Project Delivery Support

Tailored Solutions: We empower organizations and institutions to advance their missions with special programming initiatives and projects. Our services help you define expectations, create stronger partnerships, make better decisions, and enhance delivery outcomes. Our partnering and procurement processes emphasize transparency and ethical and unbiased decision-making. We understand the intricacies and requirements of local, state, and federal requirements and traditional and non-traditional financing. We tailor solutions to fit your organizational resources and objectives.


We offer expert advice on funding, ownership, asset operation, delivery, procurement, and compliance at all governmental levels.

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Procurement & partner selection

We help find and manage partners and service providers that align with your organizational objectives and capabilities.

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public-private partnerships

We help you find and manage partners and service providers that align with your organizational objectives and capabilities.

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delivery support

We provided strategic support for project guidance, stakeholder planning, budget management, and more, ensuring optimal planning and implementation.

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equipping organizations for success


Our guided discovery approach helps organizations develop and invest in robust frameworks, guidelines, processes, and policies that will positively impact your team’s ability to advance future initiatives.


We enhance decision-making by combining best practices and technology with human judgment, ensuring your decisions are both analytical and intuitive. This approach reduces bias and adds credibility to your decisions.

continuous improvement

We assess and refine your delivery processes, ensuring you always stay ahead of challenges and are equipped for future innovations.