Feasibility Assessments

Innovate P3 delivers unbiased market, site, and political assessments, independent of commissions or developer-based fees, ensuring our clients’ interests are at the forefront. Our evaluations include owner capabilities, resources, and funding possibilities, providing practical options for project delivery, partnerships, and contingencies. We empower informed decision-making at every step of your project’s implementation.

Project Programming

Our customized approach to programming meets the unique challenges and goals of each initiative, ensuring that every project element aligns with your vision, objectives, and capabilities. We help integrate technical elements into a broader framework for your project, addressing ownership, operational, compliance, and user-preference considerations. We emphasize forging sustainable governance, partnerships, and funding strategies to foster stakeholder buy-in and smooth project progression. We will guide you through each phase, ensuring your project meets and exceeds expectations with efficient resource and operational planning.

Strategic Partnerships

We specialize in guiding clients through the nuanced process of identifying, engaging, and collaborating with service providers and partners that best match their unique cultural, technical, and compliance requirements. We help craft thorough partner evaluation and selection strategies tailored for each client that minimize bias and emphasize the key requirements for each initiative. Our unique approach focuses on building multi-disciplinary teams that will drive the success of your project.

Project Controls and Oversight

Innovate P3 helps clients navigate the complexities of project implementation by streamlining decision-making and ensuring seamless coordination among partners. We prepare and monitor intricate budgets that blend multiple funding sources and project elements. Our approach prioritizes compliance, operational efficiency, and quality assurance. We actively track project schedules, optimize resources, and manage risks with pragmatic mitigation strategies. Our commitment to conflict avoidance is rooted in open and honest communication among team members. We help ensure you and your team are actively informed and engaged at every stage of your project’s journey.



Project Types

Applied Research Partnerships


Community Centers

Corporate Campus

Cultural & Museums

Higher Education

Historic Mills

Innovation Districts

Parks & Greenways

Sports Facilities

Transit-Oriented Development




Unique Experience

Brownfield Redevelopment

Economic Development

 Entrepreneurship Spaces

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Joint Development   

 Mass Timber Construction

 Native American Community Facilities

 Railroad Rights of Way


 Roads and Highways

 Water and Sewer Infrastructure