Tailored Solutions: Every program and project has unique challenges. We understand the intricacies of local, state, and federal requirements. We assist public agencies and institutions with:

  • Financing Strategies: Evaluating and structuring financing to leverage diverse funding sources, ensuring simplified reporting and compliance, and aligning with public budget constraints.
  • Ownership & Governance: Analyzing and recommending ownership structures that align with your organization’s mission, ensuring long-term viability and sustainability of public assets.
  • Effective Delivery Plans: Developing procurement and partnering plans that phase in partners and service providers during implementation, ensuring cost-effective and intentional capacity building.
  • Regulatory Navigation: Expertly navigating the maze of contracting, procurement, and reporting requirements attached to public and private financing and grants.

procurement and partner Selection

Choosing the Right Partners for Success: The right external partners can make or break any initiative. At Innovate P3, we:

  • Customized Procurement: Prepare tailored procurement documentation, ensuring transparency and adherence to public and organizational policies.
  • Holistic Evaluation: Use quantitative and qualitative measures to assess candidates, ensuring they align with program objectives and standards.
  • Informed Decision-making: Provide insights into candidate teams, ensuring owners make informed choices that advance their vision, goals and objectives, and stakeholder communities

public-private partnerships

Maximizing Public-Private Collaborations: We offer expert guidance in developing public-private approaches tailored to the unique needs of an agency and each owner:

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: We assess internal capabilities and resources and identify areas where private-sector collaboration can enhance public service delivery.
  • Strategic Integration: We advise on integrating public and private components into a program in a phased approach, ensuring streamlined delivery and minimized costs.
  • Expansive Collaborations: For large initiatives, we evaluate the potential of broader public-private partnerships, ensuring they align with public and private interests and objectives.

delivery support

Ensuring Successful Implementation: We offer hands-on support throughout program and project planning and implementation:

  • Tailored Project Blueprints: We help oversee projects by supplementing institutional resources, ensuring the program addresses public concerns like scope, governance, funding, and compliance.
  • Stakeholder Participation: We maximize the impact of stakeholder participation during planning using technology-driven engagement, promoting inclusivity and transparency.
  • Optimized Outcomes: We prepare and manage scopes for partners and service providers, ensuring clarity in roles, cost control, and risk reduction, all aligned with institutional and stakeholder objectives.


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